Video- The Movie Industry Is Dead, Not My Acting Career — Actor Omar Sherif Captan Tells It All

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Many people have continually said that the Ghanaian movie industry is practically dead and whoever challenges this assertion is a hypocrite or living in self-denial. writers including our founding editor, Chris Vincent Agyapong have done many articles suggesting that there isn’t a properly functional movie industry rendering most of our actors and actresses jobless with some of them venturing into new things.

Late last year, actress Martha Ankomah reiterated the fact that the industry she belongs to is crawling on its feet and the lifestyle many industry players portrays on social media is fake as the industry doesn’t pay that much.

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Actor Omar Sherif Captan has also reiterated the fact that indeed our movie industry is dead. In answering a question on the ‘ATUU Show’ hosted by Abeiku Santana as to whether his movie career is dead, the actor said his movie career is not dead but rather it is the Ghana movie industry that is dead.