Cheating is in the DNA of Men So Don’t Be Surprised if your Man Cheats — Efia Odo Consoles Herself

Actress Efia Odo, once a victim of cheating, has decided to console herself with the mantra which is propagated by many men, that cheating is in the male DNA.

The actress has actually agreed to that premise, revealing that she believes men are hardwired by nature to cheat and therefore as a lady, you should never be surprised if your man cheats on you.

Odo was a public victim of cheating herself after her man, Kweku Reveloe, whom she couldn’t stop flaunting on social media as the perfect man, was spotted going out with another lady.

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Their relationship was destroyed from there and Odo has since vowed to change a lot of things about herself in order to make sure her next relationship works.

Writing on Vals Day, Odo advised all ladies to know men are programmed to cheat and there’s nothing they can do about it.

“First of all, God didn’t create man to just be in sync with one woman, society did. So if a man cheats on you sweetheart, it’s in his DNA. It’s only a few stabilized men who can control their feelings and are able to stick to one woman.”Odo the scientist wrote.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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