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The Big Ashantis — The ‘Game Changers of Rap’ Here to Breath New Life into the Genre

blank The rap game in Ghana is set to undergo a new transformation with the addition of an upcoming yet immensely talented rap duo, the Big Ashantis.

In the past rap was one of the strongest genres in Ghanaian music, driving the industry forward and making strides that were virtually unparalleled by any other genre.

Yet for many reasons, as time went on the genre lost its prominence in Ghanaian music and in recent years has been irrevocably overtaken by dancehall and Afropop.

It’s not that the talent is not there but it’s simply a matter of rap taking a backseat to other genres with more visible superstars. Especially considering how social media has revolutionized the game, artists such as Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy, Kuami Eugene and KiDi are sucking up all the oxygen, leaving rap in the dust.

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In this climate, a new rap act with the ability to revolutionize the game and get rap back to an appreciable footing is one that should be celebrated and encouraged.

The Big Ashantis are simply at the early stages of their careers but are undoubtedly imbibed with the talent to make it all the way to the top. The duo, made up of Rap Borga (Emmanuel Bimpong) and Kente Krakye (Akwasi Baah), might just be what the rap game has been waiting for to give it that jolt up the backside and catapult it back to sole prominence in the Ghanaian music industry.


New and exciting acts are always a plus in any field, as they bring new enthusiasm and hope and get people interested in a genre they might have been ready to give up on. With a skill set consisting of the holy trinity – tongue-twisting raps, indescribable charisma and electrifying stage performances – the Big Ashantis are a breath of fresh air and potential hall of famers of Ghana’s rap game.

Big Ashantis are no newcomers to the game, but have simply been flying under the radar despite their massive talent. It’s nothing new in the game, considering most of the hardcore rappers in the industry find it difficult to break through due to the aforementioned lull in the relevance of rap.

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The group were formed in 2012 by the duo, who both hail from Kumasi. They pride themselves with the moniker ‘Monomonimyen’, to wit “they know us”.


Over the years they have released over 30 singles, but are ready for their biggest break yet with their latest single dubbed ‘Fa No Saa’. An inspirational tune featuring impressive rap skills, the banger is set to garner some impressive airplay over the coming weeks and months as ‘Big Ashantis’ make their impression on the industry.

The group are already making waves, performing on Valentine’s Day at the Global Cinemas. They took the place by storm and had the crowd mesmerized with their performance.

For now, the ‘game changers of rap’ are calmly biding their time till they explode and show everyone exactly what they are made of. ‘Fa No Saa’ is a good first step towards that goal, which in reality is just around the corner.

The Big Ashantis are managed by DMC Ghana. You can find them on social media at ‘BIG ASHANTIS MUSIC’ on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Contact DMC Ghana on 0236888988 / 0302420330 for enquiries/bookings.

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