There Is Money In The Industry; If You Don’t Work Hard Expect Nothing- Sista Afia

‘The industry is dead, there is no money in showbizness, we are not being treated well…’ are some of the many lines artists and generally, people in the entertainment industry reiterates any given opportunity they get to add their cents. Sista Afia says all that is cheap talk because there really is money in the industry but until you work hard…

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In an interview with Showbiz, she said; I mean, there is money in the industry and it will only take hard work for you get it so if you don’t work hard, you should not expect anything, it is that simple. I work really hard, I do not joke with my studio sessions. My management also puts in efforts to make sure that we have things going. I have lots of gigs I play in Ghana and outside as well.

“Again, I have other businesses I run which are as a result of my being in showbiz or being an artist, so if you work hard, you will reap results. Success is not a one-day event and it does not come just like that, it takes lots of hard work to get it.”

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On her style of dressing, she commented; “I have come to accept that it comes with the job and I have no regrets in life so far as music is concerned or anything that has to do with me. Believe me, it has made me a better person and I am proud of myself.”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

Miss Anita-Pyper Agyei, Senior Reporter
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