VIDEO: Xandy Kamel And Akuapem Poloo – Two Social Media Branded Idiots Fighting Over Who’s Better Than The Other

Self-acclaimed actress, Xandy Kamel is on Instagram bragging that she is not in the same category with one of her kind, Akuapem Poloo ─if this isn’t an insult to discerning minds then what’s it?

To me as a brutal writer who has followed the indecent social media activities of Xandy and Akuapem Poloo, I find it very insulting hearing Xandy brag about being clever and smarter than Akuapem Poloo.

The only difference between these two social media idiots is ─Akuapem Poloo is slim and Xandy is fat and for their similarities, they are all social media idiots riding on some useless controversies to be in the news.

How can Xandy Kamel claim she is not in the same category as Akuapem Poloo? This is laughable!

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Xandy 3 hours ago posted a video on Instagram and rained insults on Poloo and trust these social media idiots are about to dirty themselves as usual on Instagram.

“This is just a few from the lots 🤦‍♀️ herh Rosemond do u remember the day we went for the Ghana djs awards good you remember all you said right and the names u mentioned 😂 do u also remember how you were going round on set the day Fella makafui’s allerged alhaji or sugar daddy cake to her shop to cease all her cars and others nice Today you are claiming she is wat 😂😂 stop the hypocrisy and jealousy when we talk of ATTENTION SEEKING PAA you are the queen 👑 but unfortunately some Ghanaians won’t see this oo it’s @xandykamel THEY WILL CALL ATTENTION SEEKER SIA I HAVE TIME FOR U PAAA MAKE SURE U DONT STOP THIS WATI ABOA U WANT TO COMPARE YOUR SELF TO ME BETTER BE CREATIVE AND STOP 🛑 FOOLING I WILL BE BACK SOON FOR U BUT REMEMBER I SAY I WILL BEAT U AND I WILL BEAT U PAAA”, Xandy posted.






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