Nana Ama Asante is a Feminist, She Can’t Possibly Be Right! — Guest Post by Rex Krampa

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Citi FM’s Journalist, Nana Ama Agyemang Asante, in response to a tweet directed at her, said, “you people are so disappointing. Eww. Imagine taking offense and resorting to ableism, insulting actual humans suffering and living with depression because you’re incapable of engaging with ideas. Eww.”

Her response was actually to someone who called her depressed over her comment on John Dumelo’s Val’s Day gesture. That was how many people on Twitter reacted to her comment: they bypassed it, just as she pointed out in the above response.

Can you imagine people mocking her twitter dp? In fact, some even think she can’t possibly be right about what she said because she’s a feminist. Such people judged her comment based on that feminist position.

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I can understand why Cherubim Mawuli Amenyedor, a Digital Marketing Specialist prefers to be known as a kingdom citizen rather than a Christian: people will judge him based on that position.

Jemila Abdulai says she looks forward to the day Ghanaians would disagree and remain civilized. I also look forward to that.

As someone who has engaged with many ideas, I realize that all what Nana Ama pointed out (in her response above) affects critical thinking and the search for truth.

Source: Rexford Krampa/ GhanaCelebrities.Com


The author is a guest columnist for GhanaCelebrities.Com.


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