Video- I Am An Attention Seeker But Akuapem Poloo Is A Mad Woman- Says Xandy Kamel

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I have said here on a number of occasions that both Akuapem Poloo and Xandy Kamel are a bunch of attention-seeking hypocrites clouded in celebrity status.

People chastise for saying the obvious truth but in the long run, the people we write about come back to confirm our assertion.

Xandy Kamel has appeared on the hottest celebrity television show in Ghana and has admitted that she is a first class attention seeker but Rosemond Brown is far worse than she is.

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She made an appearance on Deloris Frimpong Manso’s Delay Show and has claimed among other things that even though both she and Poloo does a lot of unreasonable things, she can boldly say Rosemond Brown has a serious mental issue that needs urgent attention. We can’t debate her on this.