Former Hiplife Artist now Turned Evangelist, Papa Shee Alleges He Warned ‘Obinim’s Son’ Bright of His Death But He Refused to Listen

In my book all prophets are fake, only utilizing psychology to prey on the weak minded and get them to believe in their ‘powers’, much like any conman you come across.

Yet for the many in our midst who find it difficult to spot a conman due to the fact that they’ve been indoctrinated from birth to give credence to the words of any charlatan who masks himself as a ‘man of God’, at least we can all agree that those who are eager to use the deaths of others to advance their own fame are fake as hell.

That’s because even if we grant that all that superstitious nonsense is real, the works of a ‘real’ prophet should speak for itself and bring him more people via word of mouth. For those like T.B Joshua always coming out to use any tragedy as confirmation of their prophecies, they are as fake as an alchemist because if they were really that good they wouldn’t need to tell you whenever a so-called prophecy comes true, everyone would know. It’s like how you don’t catch real rich people going around telling everyone they’re rich, if you’re rich everyone knows and if you have to shout that you’re rich then you’re probably not that rich (I’m looking at you Shatta Wale).

I don’t even remember the last time I heard of Papa Shee, a failed hiplife artist back in the golden days who has now turned to evangelism to find another way to feed his stomach.

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After the recent death of one Bright Wireko aka Senior Bright, a junior pastor in Obinim’s Church, Papa Shee has come out to claim that he warned him of his impending death but he didn’t listen, a clear cry for attention.

In a Facebook post as offensive as it is exploitative, Papa Shee recounts a supposed last chat with Bright in which he warned him to stop singing for false prophets or he would die but Bright refused to listen.

Obviously, Papa Shee is a major prophet of God who sees ‘sh*t’ and everyone should listen to him if we don’t want to die. I’ve never seen a faker prophet in my life and this is a country where Eagle Prophet and Cosmos Affran exist.

Read Papa Shee’s words on Bright’s death below…

“It is very sad that most youth of today refuses to listen to advice.

Bright the man who sings for “Obinim” was at my Crusade grounds at Achimota Mile 7 on the 14th of February.

He was there with 3 other friends to request and sing at my Crusade on that day at a cost but God Advised him trough me that ” HE SHOULD STOP SINGING FOR FALSE PROPHETS” because it may not end well for him. He playfully argued out his point that, he is filled with anointing and so long as those prophets gives him money, he will continue.

After several hours of advice, he seem not to hear a word even though his colleagues were meek and listening, Bright, even said to me plainly that, if they call him to the fetish house and there will be money, he will gladly accept…. He left me without listening nor accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Just Two days after this happened, I heard he is Dead very sad, because God wanted to save his soul.

I would like to say this to the hearing of all Ghanaian that, God has Sent me to this Country to preach to his children for their names to be in the book of life.

You can’t serve two masters at a time, you either stand firm in Christ Jesus or You live and die to hell. Bright had a chance but he disobeyed, and Now is Your Chance…. “FLEE FROM THE CAMPS OF FALSE PROPHETS, STOP SEEING THEM FOR THEY WILL SACRIFICE YOU TO THEIR IDOLS” #BY THEIR FRUITS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM.

-read John 10:10. And Matthew 6:33 these are the bible verses God gave Bright through me.


Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com




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