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SHOCKING: Moesha Buduong Allegedly Banged Shatta Wale’s Rich Godfather Believed To Be HIV/AIDS Positive For Ghc10,000 A Night (MORE DETAILS)

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In shocking screenshots sighted by on the Facebook page of Utallium News Network, a Nigerian lady with SnapChat username, Fatp***055 has made a series of allegations on the platform and surprisingly, our very own Moesha Buduong happens to be one of the girls who allegedly had s3x with Livingstone Abani, CEO of Madhaus Entertainment and Shatta Wale’s godfather who’s believed to be HIV/AIDS positive.

In one of the screenshots, Fatp***055 alleged that Moesha Buduong on her first meeting with Livingstone Abani was paid Ghc10,000.

Fatp***055 also shared the photo of the lady who introduced Moesha to Livingstone Abani ─adding that this lady is friends and cool with a lot of female Ghanaian celebrities so connecting Moesha to Livingstone wasn’t a herculean task at all.

She also shared screenshots of some girls who allegedly have been infected with HIV/AIDS by Shatta Wale’s Godfather, Livingstone Abani.

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In another screenshot, Fatp***055 shockingly revealed that Moesha was again was invited over and allegedly had 3s0me an*l s3x with the man and his Nigerian friend in his jacuzzi inside his mansion. cannot confirm all these allegations but as it’s often said, in every rumour, there is an iota of truth in there and also once Moesha Buduong revealed to the world during her interview with CNN’s Christianne Amanpour that she bangs rich married men to make a living, we leave all of these shocking allegations with screenshots to the public court of opinion.

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As usual, will dig deep into these damning allegations with follow up articles as to whether there is truth in there or a malicious attempt by FatP***055 to tarnish Livingstone Abani’s image.

Just take a few minutes and go through these shocking screenshots below.


This post was published on February 19, 2019 11:13 PM

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