Chronicles Of Notorious SnapChat User: Who’s Leg Was It; TooSweet Annan’s OR Dblack’s?

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The notorious SnapChat user, FatP**055 has released an alleged video of musician Sista Afia being banged by a faceless man using his leg instead of the d***.

The video is so disgusting and it’s currently the topic of discussion on the streets on social media with some asking who the f*** was that man in the video?

Remember, FatP**055 alleged that Sista Afia, Dblack and TooSweet Annan used to organise banging parties at a mansion in Adingano, Accra.

FatP**055 in her screenshots alleged that they undress and engage in all manner of nasty stuff during their banging parties.

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The current leg-banging video making rounds on social media is one hell of a nasty video! So we ask, whose leg was it; Dblack’s or TooSweet Annan’s?

Search for the video, watch it and connect the dots and see if you can figure out whose leg it was.


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