MORE REVELATIONS — Moesha Boduong Went to Nigeria to Sell Her Toto for Money Before Being Able to Raise Cash for Obengfo Surgery PLUS Obengfo Chopped Her Down Too

At the moment it’s a miracle that Snapchat has not crashed because the account ‘fatp***y055’ has been making bombshell revelations all day long on Wednesday.

The shocking and mind-boggling nature of some of the issues being raised are just unbelievable but our dead industry is exactly the kind of place where these sorts of things happen.

As we’ve pointed out many times, whenever any of our ashawobrities get into a ‘beef’ they start exposing the dirty things they’ve all been doing, therefore, it’s not like we’re being told anything out of the ordinary of what Fella, Efia Odo and others have revealed themselves in the midst of their feuds.

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Fatp****y055 continues to reveal all the dangerous secrets out of the showbiz industry via snapchat. Moesha Boduong has been one of her most consistent targets and she alleges the big tundra actress got chopped left, right and centre just to raise money for her a$$ surgery.

In one of her many posts, she claims when Moesha went for the surgery she didn’t have the cash requested, therefore she went to Nigeria to wh*re herself but only raised half. Dr Obengfo allegedly agreed to do the surgery for her at half price, in return he would also eat Moesha’s tonga and an**.

Another claim is that Moesha has a dangerous infection on her precious Obengfo a$$ which might lead to her death very soon.


Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com




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