North Hills International School Holds 2nd Annual Sports Day

General Manager of the School, Madam Bernice Ayim, (extreme left) presenting trophy to the winning house
General Manager of the School, Madam Bernice Ayim, (extreme left) presenting trophy to the winning house

North Hills International School (NIS), North Legon, has held its 2nd annual Inter-house sports competition with great zeal and fervour.

The 2-day event which was held from February 19 to February 20, 2019 did not only promote sportsmanship among the pupils, but also offered an opportunity for the pupils to exhibit their multi-faceted talents.

The General Manager of the School – Madam Bernice Ayim – in her opening remarks said the event was organised to strengthen the physical and developmental abilities of the pupils.

She said though the fundamental objective of the school is robust academic leaning, sport is also an integral part of the overall grooming of the children to prepare them for the future.

According to her, “It is an occasion for our pupils to showcase their sporting abilities while making sure they learn to co-exist and promote team spirit.”

She further stated that the significance of sporting activities can never be taken too lightly because its benefits are enormous.

The event commenced with an inter-house debate competition where the teams spoke either for or against the motions; “Colonization had more benefits than harm” and “Ghana should refuse paying debts to former western slave trade nations such as Britain and France as compensation for slavery.”

Two students each were selected to represent their respective houses for the debate. The pupils articulated their points in a very convincing manner, leaving the judges and audience overwhelmed.

After approximately three hours of excitement, cheering, and exhibition of intellect, the debate came to an end. The audience and participants applauded as the results were announced. House Yellow took the first position, whilst House Red emerged as the first runners-up.

Speaking after the debate, Miss Ayim said the debate was organised as part of the Sports Day to help the the pupils develop their reasoning, logic, and communication skills; and to also aid them exhibit their ideas and art of oration in a sequential and convincing manner.

Other highlights of the event were a multitude of races, swimming, and field events which included 100 metre race, sack race, egg spoon race, among others.

blankThe event successfully concluded with a spirited soccer match between House Red and House Blue.

The pupils’ excitement in supporting their respective houses was contagious. The grounds reverberated with feverish enthusiasm as the tempo set in with the students and teachers excitedly cheering their favourites.

The sports day ended with a trophy presentation to the winning house – Yellow. The teachers helped them take victory with humility. The right spirit of competition kept them going and the day ended with victory for everyone at NIS.

About North Hills International School

North Hills International School is a Cambridge International approved School – one of the very few in Ghana — which has highly trained tutors coupled with expensive yet necessary educational facilities that you wouldn’t find all in one place at most schools in Ghana, even the highly rated ones.

The school has an on-campus guarded swimming pool with a professional swimming instructor, a basketball court, a lawn tennis court, a spacious library stocked with needed books, an up to the minute computer lab, a modern football pitch, and a fully equipped colourful playground for Pre-School.

Classes are kept to a comfortable teacher to student ratio which enables the teachers to have all the needed time to cater to every student in their class.

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