Funny Monday Post: I Think We Need A Wheelbarrow To Help Carry Pamela’s Oversized ‘Melons’ – PHOTOS

Slay queen, model and everything you can think of, Pamela Odame Watara was in the news over a lot of issues ─lying about being a student at Wisconsin University, having her masturbation videos leaked and others.

But seriously, I’ve not paid much attention to all the negative things said about her in the media but current photos of the model have caught my attention this Monday afternoon!

Even though funny but I personally think we need a wheelbarrow to help carry her oversized ‘melons’ ─’melons’ a 10-year-old kid cannot carry when put into a pan, okay, a concrete pan I mean.

Okay if not a wheelbarrow then apparently, a bra resembling a wheelbarrow (wheelbarrow bra) to help Pamela carry or support her stuff.

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Anyway, her oversized ‘melons’ are very admirable looking at how every male host feels it during an interview with her.

I came across these photos of Pamela Odame on Instagram, take a look at the photos and tell me if it wouldn’t be necessary for us to get her a ‘wheelbarrow bra’.





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