Only 4 People Attended My Marriage Ceremony-Wiyaala

Perhaps we should all consider getting married the Wiyaala way. It saves time and cuts down so much of all that unnecessary expenses.

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According to the Sisaala melanin goddess, who has said without mincing words that she believes she is one of the most beautiful women to walk this earth has revealed the number of people who were in attendance of her wedding. She says she got married the very day her husband proposed.

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“The day he proposed was the day we got married. It was only my mother, father, and an uncle who were around at that time. As for my husband, he doesn’t care too much about the crowd and necessarily inviting his family, so we got married, when I was even in slippers.

“For the ring, I am not a jewellery person, so I do not wear a ring,” she added.

When we said Wiyaala is not your typical woman…


Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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