Beautiful Pictures Of Odartey Lamptey And His Twins Pop Up On Social Media — PHOTO

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For now, we can boldly say that former Ghana Black Stars player Odartey Lamptey has properly recovered from the shock and surprise he went through when he discovered through DNA that all the kids he had with his wife were not his.

Few years ago many Ghanaians were shocked to the marrow when Odartey Lamptey revealed to the Ghanaian media that the children he has catered together with his wife for so many years are not his. He went ahead to divorce the wife and moved on with his life.

Later on, the ex-footballer came back to also reveal to the people of Ghana that he has found another woman, married her and they are about to even start a new family together.

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Odartey Lamptey together with his wife have now given birth to a beautiful set of twins and the kids look so beautiful and adorable. The ex-footballer has taken time to share beautiful pictures of himself and the twins on social media and all of them are beaming with smiles.