MUMMIHOOD DIARIES: ‘Can A Lady Without HIV Marry A Guy Who Has The HIV Virus?’ – Ignorant Lady Asks

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There are a lot of ignorant women sitting on the internet with the mindset that faceless people behind computers and smartphones can help them solve relationship and marriage problems.

There is this Facebook group called Mummihood ─with a bunch of ignorant women in there soliciting for needless advise on how to manage their homes and relationships.

In fact, you’ll be shocked when you come across some of the screenshots of their conversations and if your wife or girlfriend happens to be in some of these social media groups, you should count yourself as a doomed man.

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The ignorance displayed in there speaks volumes about the kind of women in those groups. has sighted a screenshot of one of their conversations and it’s laughable yet a serious issue that if a little common sense is applied could be solved.

In the screenshot, a member who is apparently dating an HIV positive man asked to be advised whether she should agree to marry this man or not ─even though she’s HIV negative.

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Check the screenshot below and tell us what you think.

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