Video- Over 1m People Viewed Akuapem Poloo’s ‘Naket’ Video On Instagram In Just An Hour- A Case Of A Nation That Claims To Dislike Negative News

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As we all know in a desperate attempt to be in the trends and be talked about almost everyday on social media, Rosemond Brown aka Akuapem Poloo can do anything.

Few minutes ago, reported that in a desperate attempt to promote her first music single, Akuapem Poloo has posted an almost ‘Naket’ video on social media.

The video is on top of the trends on Instagram as over one million people have viewed the video in less than one hour. For an Instagram page that has less than 200,000 people following, it is quite interesting how one million people have viewed a video on the page in about an hour.

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Ghanaians are a very interesting breed of people as I cannot fathom why they openly claim they hate and abhor negative things but in reality, they patronize negative news more than any other thing in this world.