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My Husband Is Broke And Very Problematic But I Can’t Leave Him Because The S3x Is Too Good – Woman Narrates Her ‘Sweet’ Ordeal

According to this married woman, her husband is poor and very problematic but there is one thing preventing her from leaving his broke butts and that’s sex ─the s*x is too good.

This married woman reveals that she paid her own bride price and all the marriage expenses and after the marriage ceremony, her broke husband has started misbehaving.

She made her friends and family believe that her husband is rich, caring and very romantic even though she is fully responsible for all the expenses in the marriage.

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The husband has been sleeping with other women including some of her friends and because he is broke, he has been stealing and selling her properties to finance his banging sessions with those women.

The problem is she cannot leave him because he knows where to touch during sex, anytime he cheats on her, he will admit it, apologise and then bang her very well and after the banging, she forgets about everything.

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He has now sold one of her houses without her knowledge and her mother has suggested that they take legal action against him but as usual, she came home and got banged again and looking at how good it was, she is confused about whether or not to take her mom’s advice.

Read her full ordeal below.

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