VIDEO: The Cure For Pimples Is Drinking More Water And Minding Your Business – Says Vicky Zugah

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According to the most abused female Ghanaian celebrity, Vicky Zugah, the cure for pimples is drinking a lot of water and minding your business.

Vicky Zugah who has dated most of the showbiz male personalities posted a video on her Instagram and explained why some people are still having pimples on their faces even though they claim to drink a lot of water.

Actress Vicky Zugah says in order to have a smooth face like hers, drink a lot of water and mind your business because the more you poke nose into the affairs of people, the more pimples you develop on your face.

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If you don’t stop interfering in the affairs of people, pimples will never stop developing on your face according to Vicky Zugah.

But how’s interfering in the affairs of people got to do with the development of pimples? You can only hear this from our very own Vicky Zugah.





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