CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: It’s Gone Beyond Shame—A Young Ghanaian is Asked to Show Her Boobies At A Movie Audition And She Cheerfully Does It (VIDEO)

Screenshot from the video

I’ve always argued that we are a generation of idiots. However, this contemptuous description fails to capture the degree of absurdity, gross offensiveness and the absolute disregard we have for common decency in our part of the world.

It’s ironic, perhaps a capture of our foolishness, that as a proud intelligent civilisation, we still have to be compelled by laws and their enforcement or be constantly bashed to be able to behave decently.

A lot of diseases have had their way with our race and many people’s lives have been truncated by non-friendly viruses and sometimes germs which we have battled throughout human history. That’s an unending fight with nature and everything that comes with it. We hope to one day win this fight.

Beyond our struggle with nature, we’ve somehow created a different layer of human-virus in Africa, called empty fame. This does not only eventually kill after many years of depression; it is capable of making otherwise decent young women become gratified dwellers of the brothel of lunacy.

In the midst of the fact that several cheap prostitutes have cunningly and smugly branded themselves actresses, TV personalities or broadly speaking, celebrities in Ghana—we are also faced with a relentless epidemic of young desperate women being ready to do everything to become famous, achieve empty fame.

The extreme heights these young women are ready to go to become famous, aided by social media in our almost anarchical societies is disgusting. But who cares and who are you to ride against the tide?

From that thing called Akuapem Poloo to Afia Schwarzenegger, it’s as if we are running a circus of lunatics, whose only language is self-objectification–and excruciatingly, the audience continues to cheer and engage them.

So everyone will strip down to become known, gather social media followers, amass social media likes and in the real world, to be called an actress without borders, I mean without roles.

In a video which was forwarded to me a few days ago, a young Ghanaian woman is recorded at a movie audition in Ghana and a female voice is heard telling her to take off her top—and show them her front (boobies), which is the decider of her fate.

Unless a person is auditioning for an adult movie, what’s the point in asking her to strip naked on camera at an audition and then uploading the video on social media? I believe porn stars and the showrunners of the highly patronised adult industry wouldn’t even cheaply do this.

It’s somewhat painful that everyone in the Ghanaian movie industry is being painted with the same brush these days, but videos and incidents such as this which are not uncommon make a good case in support of the notion that almost all those posing as actresses are affordable prostitutes—sex toys for the rich.

The obvious lack of regulations and the growing stupidity of the audience or fan base of those infected by the empty fame virus is enough of an incentive for many new young ones who are doing everything to become the next Moesha or Efia Odo.

To say we are sick, and I mean all of us, is an understatement.


Screenshot from the video   

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1 thought on “CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: It’s Gone Beyond Shame—A Young Ghanaian is Asked to Show Her Boobies At A Movie Audition And She Cheerfully Does It (VIDEO)”

  1. You should be questioning the people who forwarded you that video because unless if the young woman gave them permission to distribute the video, they have violated this young lady’s right to privacy and i don’t think you should be publishing it either. If the people conducting this “audition” are the ones who released the video clearly they had malicious intentions from the beginning, you should also be questioning why the lady was even asked to perform such an act in the first place. There is a failure to acknowledge that perhaps the people conducting the “audition” and video-taping it, took advantage of the lady.


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