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Open Post: You Walk Into Any Branch Of KFC In Ghana To Eat At Your Own RISK! – VIDEO

The last time I was at KFC was in November 2018, and there was a security officer who was opening and closing the main door for customers who trooped in to eat.

There is this video trending on social media and it has to do with one ‘insecure’ Zongo boy who entered a KFC branch, slapped a customer, dragged him out and then physically assaulted him more with some stupid reason that he is trying to snatch his girlfriend ─a lady he is not even married to.

Now, this is why you are at risk as a Ghanaian if you walk into any KFC branch to eat ─anyone at all can walk in, assault you or do whatever he/she wants to you and then walk off without being questioned and apprehended by any security officer.

In the video, there was no security officer present and it was really an embarrassing moment as the ‘insecure’ Zongo boy kept slapping the customer right inside and in front of KFC staff and customers with no one giving a hoot about the bizarre incident.

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There was one security officer who was even begging the ‘insecure’ Zongo boy to leave the gentleman as if the gentleman had committed a crime.

From what happened in the video, it is obvious that KFC as a company does not give a hoot about its customers ─whether you are slapped or assaulted, all they care about is the money they’ll ‘milk’ from you. and its affiliate website, still maintain that customer service in Africa is a big JOKE and what happened at one of the branches of KFC in Ghana stamps our brutal point of view on customer service in Africa.

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In conclusion, you walk into any branch of KFC in Ghana to eat at your own risk ─whatever happens to you there is none of their business and if you value your life, you’ll take a firm decision to stop eating at any branch of KFC in Ghana.

Watch the video below.





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