ADVICE NEEDED — Pastor Prophesies to a Teacher’s Girlfriend that She Would Marry A Medical Doctor in Three Months – What Should He Do?

We’ve always railed against religion on this site, due to many of its harmful effects, many of which we can easily foresee.

It has even become worse with the recent trend towards giving prophecies, from the doom prophecies which irritate celebrities and the everyday prophecies given to ordinary Ghanaians which destroy their relationships.

Due to people who take their pastors seriously and everything they say as gospel, friends can become enemies and longtime relationships can break up in seconds on the word of a pastor.

Such is the case of Ghanaian social media user Ghanaba Kwabena. Kwabena has taken to the Facebook group ‘Tell it All’ to complain about his girlfriend being given a marriage prophecy which if she listens to is going to lead to their breakup.

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According to him, a pastor told her she would marry a doctor by June this year, even though he is a teacher. If his girlfriend listens to that advice then that means she’s going to break up with him.

Kwabena is therefore looking for advice about what to do in his situation. Guys, what would you do if you were him? And ladies, how do you react to such a prophecy?

I would tell that pastor to go to hell.

Read Kwabena’s post below…

“I took my girlfriend to church today and the pastor called her forward and told her she will be married to a medical doctor by June this year. Well, I’m still a school teacher. What should I do?”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com




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