CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Ghana’s Kind Of Independence Is A Curse

Today, March 6, 2019, happens to be Ghana’s 62nd Independence anniversary and as usual, Ghanaians will for the 62nd time be served with long and boring speeches across the Regional and District capitals.

The President of the Republic, Nana Akufo Addo is currently in Tamale warming up to deliver his usual long and boring speech ─which, in reality, isn’t the true reflection of the current happenings in Ghana.

The Founder and Editor of, Chris-Vincent Agyapong as a brutally honest writer has served Ghanaians with his usual ass-kicking writeup on the true state of Ghana on its 62nd Independence anniversary.

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Read his full post below.

The Cambridge dictionary defines Independence as:

A.Freedom from being governed or ruled by another country
B.The ability to live your life without being helped or influenced by other people.

A truly independent state should satisfy both—however, Ghana, an independent state is unable to claim to meet any of the two, even 62 years after our so-called independent.

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We’ve become a country of infants, brutish and hostile in our dealings with each other. On our 62nd Independence, we have a commission of enquiry coinciding with it and that commission is to investigate the self-harm we’ve caused and how we are unable to hold a mere by-election in peace.


It’s painful to see what a country that was once a beacon of hope for a lot of other countries has become—it’s unable to provide the basics of life for its own citizens.

Ghana’s educational and health systems are obsolete, unable to meet the contemporary needs of our world. In fact, our hospitals will kill you faster than if you stayed at home. So, the rich and our leaders (and their families) do not even go there.

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Our political class continues to enrich themselves, to the huge detriment of the masses—another form of colonisation, except that the upper-echelons are not white but black.

We do not have a fair distribution of the national resource. All are packed in the bank accounts and pockets of a few potbellied greedy folks, and enjoyed by themselves and their family.

We are foolish on many levels, including blindly following politicians. In fact, we are the definition of absurd sycophancy and would argue in support of those draining us.

Ask yourself this: is Ghana really an Independent state? We fully depend on foreign handouts, from aids to grants. We are literally global beggars. We are governed in many ways by other countries.

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We import almost everything to be able to live, including common toothpicks to use after eating.

We cannot even provide sufficient electricity for our own use. Our own brothers and sisters in power do not care about our collective good. They are somewhat worse than the foreigners when they were in charge.

This kind of Independence is a curse, I will argue.



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