SCREENSHOTS: ‘Shameless Ashawo, Keep Quiet Because You Don’t Know How to Lie’ — Facebook Users Tear Shatta Wale’s ‘Sister-Girlfriend’, Magdalene Love Apart

‘Remember that whatever you do in the darkness, never think it’s a secret because there is no secret on earth, ‘it’s just a piece of delayed information and no matter how long it takes, one day it will be revealed.’

A typical example is what we are seeing concerning Pope Skinny and his former friend, Shatta Wale aka Gbee Naabu. They have been exposing their a$$e$ for almost two weeks now.

Pope Skinny revealed earlier that Shatta Wale has been hammering the ashawobrity young Magdalene Love whom he calls as a sister to deceive Ghanaians.

According to Pope Skinny, Shatta Wale’s Baby Mama, Shatta Michy left him not only because he was abusing her but because she was tired of seeing Shatta Wale always chopping down a girl he calls as a cousin.

After Pope Skinny revealed these dirty secrets, this ashawobrity, Magdalene took to her Facebook page and posted some self-created chats history between herself and Pope Skinny, as she claimed.

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But I am sure she had nobody to tell her that the majority of Ghanaians are not as foolish as she thinks. Trust me if things should continue like this, there is no way she and her boyfriend, Shatta Wale can win this ‘battle’ against Pope Skinny because Ghanaians are right behind their lying a$$e$.

Check how some smart Ghanaians are lashing her in these comments that flowed under her Facebook post.



Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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