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MOVIE REVIEW: Inner Woman – ‘God Is Wicked’

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Just this past Saturday, (2nd March 2019) was the premiere of the much-anticipated movie – Inner Woman – directed and produced by ace Nigerian film producer Destiny Augustine Omon. For a movie that did not drive a lot of conventional publicity prior to its premiering date, the attendance, however, was very impressive.

Having people from all walks of life, immaculately dressed to perfectly suit the occasion, it was somewhat a bit of a hustle for media men getting still shots of individuals we spotted in the crowd. However, we rose to the occasion and have for you our dear readers some pictures we believe you will find amazing.

Before getting into the nitty gritty of the movie itself to discuss into vivid detail the happenings of Inner woman, I’ll like to briefly point out observations made by a certain section of the audience I interviewed after the curtains had been drawn and the movie brought to a close.

The overall view of some of the attendees I had the opportunity of interviewing was quite interesting and very much diverse, Obviously, not everyone will have or share the exact same opinion on a particular subject, thus divergent views were shared and some concerns were equally raised. The movie was slated to begin showing at 7 pm, that however wasn’t the case as prior to a live band performance that was to commence earlier before the movie, there were signs of technical glitches and equipment malfunction, that however was rectified in no time and the live band performance began. The showing was preceded by a live band performances of which the audience didn’t seem to have been aware of as part of the items on the list… Another section of the audience was of the opinion, it took quite a while for them to fully grasp the entire plot of the movie (an opinion I seem to also share and agree with)

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Let us now delve into the intricacies of the movie and shed some more light on them…

Quality — It is very much the norm for Ghanaian movie patronizers to as it were, expect sub-standard and very basic movies from movie producers, especially when the production and cast is primarily Ghanaian dominated. Over the years, there has however been a few exceptions, nonetheless, a lot of movies still find themselves in the substandard category. In an industry that has been said to be vertically nonexistent, with a lot of its main industry players making assertions and commentaries to the effect that the Ghanaian movie industry is dead, coupled with the fact that production cost could sometimes be astronomically high, some movie producers’ do not put in their best and also do not spend much to ensure the movie that come out is of great quality and of a certain pedigree. It is therefore of great importance to commend and also applaud the few that go out of their way to ensure the consumer gets value for their money. — Inner woman is in no doubt one of the very few movies released in 2019 that perfectly describes quality and authenticity. It, therefore, came us no surprise patronisers walked out of the cinema halls with contentment and excitement written all over their faces.

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Plot — It did take a while for the audience to fully grasp the plot of Inner Woman, a disposition that interesting happens to be shared by the few people I got the chance of interviewing. However so, intrigue and clarity happen to have been the hallmark of the movie. With an outstanding storyline, inner woman isn’t one of such many movies that can be said to be the average cliché, where one could easily identify similarities in other movies. With a great deal of conviction, what sets the movie apart from others is the level of twist and suspense that greatly characterizes Inner Woman

Choice of Cast — It is in no doubt that a great part of a movie’s success largely depends on the cast featured and how well these actors and actresses are able to perform their given roles. With a celebrity-studded set, having the likes of Nana Yaa Agyare, ace actress Vicky Zugah, Moesha Buduong, Rosemond Brown, Eric Mensa Afrifa, it came as no surprise how easily and fluid the roles were embraced and carried out with great dexterity…

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Legendary Ghanaian born Nigerian actor, Emmanuel France, rose to the occasion once again as the father of three young beautiful women, riddled with the choice of blending marriage, childbirth, and the ever-rising stress of everyday career woman. Actress Nana Yaa Agyare, who played the character Ese, a major role of a lady who had to undergo the turmoil of marital life, infidelity, and childbirth leading to a series of sequences that unfolding and played out really well, glueing audience to their seats and expecting more.

Rating — The movie directed by Destiny Augustine Omon, featuring Nana Yaa Agyare Asare, Emmanuel France, Vicky Zugah and a host of other talented actors and actresses, on  a scale of 1/10 per conversations had with the randomly selected viewers of Inner Woman and also per the above raised points, it would be rightfully in order to allocate a strong 7.5 to Inner Woman.

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