Video- TV Host, Deloris Frimpong Manso Begs Her Friend To Dash Her A Boyfriend

The feminist movement in Ghana has given a lot of Ghanaian women the will power to fight for things that rightfully belongs to them and to push for social equality among both genders, as many of them claim we live in a patriarchal society, thus a society that sees men way above women.

Many of these self- acclaimed feminists have fully misinterpreted the real intent that gave rise to feminist movement all over the world to mean that as a woman you do not need help from anyone, most especially men, to be able to succeed but rather you can do everything and I mean everything by yourself. How is this even possible?

Because of this thinking and assertion, the Ghanaian entertainment industry is breeding or has already bred a certain group or class of women who have achieved great things for themselves in their field but have consciously or unconsciously decided that men will not be a part of them so that they can somewhat prove to society that they are a bunch of strong, spirited and liberated women. But these same people will be crying and yearning for men every night when they close their doors behind us. Why should any right-thinking person subject herself to this torture?

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This is exactly the sad story of the best celebrity interviewer in Ghana, Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay, the host of the ‘Delay Show’. Today, Delay is claiming to her dear friend that she cannot even boast of her own man so her friend should find her one. It is good that Delay has finally come to the conclusion that she needs a man in her life, being a liberated woman should not make you akin to disliking men.




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