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CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: NPP’s 2 Years in Office—Failed Promises, Botched Hope and Corruption Galore

President Nana Akufo Addo

The New Patriotic Party, led by Nana Akufo Addo repeatedly called the John Mahama-led NDC government, incompetent and said it was a government characterized by an unprecedented level of corruption.

Ghanaians were suffering under the NDC, there was no sign of this ending—the NPP effectively capitalized on the truth of that time and ran with the wheel of political demagoguery.

The NPP, on the back of its sugary promises, wholesale painting of the NDC as the worst and the then hovering political zeitgeist to try an alternative, won the mandate of Ghanaians.

This mandate was to bring a never-seen change to Ghanaians—to hell with the NDC’s Better Ghana Agenda or whatever they were heavily intoxicated on, Nana Addo was the beacon of hope, the “show boy” of our time.

But so far, the NPP has become the alternative you wish you did not opt for; failed promises, botched hope and corruption galore, perfectly describe their legacy.

For a party that held on the mantra that it would fight corruption at all levels during a bid to come into power to be swimming in unending allegations of corrupt activities and financial racketeering is beyond shocking.

Of course, the President and his party’s government as expected have denied any corruption allegations levelled against them, sometimes without any Independent investigations—except, the President’s golden mouth and press statements declaring that his “political gang” members are not corrupt.

Other times, lousy investigations, without head or tail, are carried out and a report produced to clear the accused of any corrupt dealings.

You may conveniently argue that allegations of corruption transcend the NPP government, perhaps it even transcends politics. If that’s the argument, then why was the fight against corruption the government’s loudest message when it was in opposition?

Ghanaians are fed up with the ruling class of NDC and NPP but the desolation is that there’s no reasonable alternative.

We will have to reshuffle these two equally incompetent, corrupt and greedy groups of old political masters—and every 4 years, hope the one we queue in the scorching sun to put in power will be merciful and somewhat accommodating to our true needs.

The hope of many Ghanaians, that a political class of Messiahs led by Nana Akufo Addo was miraculously going to redeem things has been botched.

The dollar, which Vice-president Dr Bawumia positioned himself as the only man capable of stopping its speedy run against the cedi continues to travel at the same Usain Bolt speed, if not even faster.

On a positive note, the government has done a number of politically easy things; reinstating allowances–to be paid by taxpayers and has also started its FREE SHS policy, also to be paid by taxpayers.

The difficult stuff, which was to determine that the government was of different political blood, however, remain unchanged.

Ghanaians are exhausted, some have actually given up and say they wouldn’t vote in the next election.

The time has never been so right for Ghanaians to cut loose these old, about to die leaders we always vote for—and search within our borders for new minds who will deliver.

We’ve been taken for granted for a long time and as history has taught us, the NPP or NDC, or military intervention, is not what we need—for they are just different names but has same worthless political value.

Good morning, wherever you are…

–Chris-Vincent Agyapong


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