SCREENSHOTS: Pay Ghc400 If You Want Your Passport Fast – Lady Shares Her Frustrations At Passport Office

Even though the government has put in place measures to ensure efficiency transparency and at the various passport application centres across the country but it seems there are some crooks in there with the sole purpose of ‘milking’ riches out of poor applicants.

Ghanaian young lady, Pioseh G Millicent has taken to Facebook to share her frustrations at the Passport office and it is the usual “pay more if you want it fast” kind of services.

In her case, she was asked by someone in there to pay Ghc400 extra if she wanted her passport to be printed out fast for her.

She posted:

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“Is this where Ghana has gotten to?! It’s sad and so unspoken of Us. After buying the form for 50ghc or 100ghc depending on how fast u want it,which actually ranges from 1month to 3months u still need to pay #Bribe before u can have ur own passport?At the initial stage she was asked to pay ghc400ghc if she wanted to have the passport fast,she said she wasn’t in hurry and that she cld wait for the 3months to have the passport(maybe she cld not even afford this amount requested). Then after 4months of waiting,this is what she gets in return. I have personally gone to check on her passport on 4 different occasions and in all they always claim is not inn yet. Why Ghana ?! Why Passport Office?!. This is even renewal of passport. A Medical Student who studies in China. She’s almost done but has to go back for another year and this is how best passport office or sm individuals in passport office can treat her ?!”

Check out the screenshots below and share your experiences at the passport office with us.

passport office 1





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