Photos- Hypocritical Shatta Wale Hailing And Promoting Ghana Music Awards Like His Survival In The Music Industry Depends On It

Whoever thought that a day like this will come in the history of Ghana music where notorious Dancehall musician, Charles Nii Armah Mensah aka Shatta Wale will be hailing, praising and bootlicking Charterhouse, Ghana Music Awards and their CEO Theresah Ayoade?

We woke up today, and Shatta Wale has posted a picture of himself and the CEO of Charterhouse Theresah Ayoade all over social media and subtly behaving as if she is the best person he has ever met in his musical life.

For the past five years, Shatta Wale has subjected Charterhouse, Ghana Music Awards and their CEO Mrs. Theresah Ayoade to public ridicule and vituperative attacks, leading to the company and their CEO suing him in court for defamation. What has changed that today he is singing their praises? Is it just for awards?

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The 20th edition of Ghana Music Awards will take place this year, and Shatta Wale is part of the ceremony. With the kind and type of things Shatta Wale together with his Shatta Movement fans have said about the Ghana Music Awards, I find it quite weird and absolutely hypocritical as to why he has decided to be a part of the ceremony. You cannot continue to paint brands and individuals black and come back to be part of them as if nothing ever happened. You have no shame.




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