Video- DKB Threatens To Demonstrate Against NPP Government If ‘DUMSOR’ Does Not End Within A Week

It looks like after all the juicy promises the New Patriotic Party made to the people of Ghana to help fix ‘DUMSOR’ permanently, things are not going on smoothly as they promised and planned.

For the past few days, the whole of the country has been subjected to some form of ‘DUMSOR’. Even though the managers of power in Ghana have continually assured us that they are working hard to solve the issue, things gets worse by the day.

A lot of people in the country have been gravely angered by this situation we find ourselves in and have taken to social media to pour out their frustrations.

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Ghanaian comedian DKB has taken to his Instagram page to also pour his frustrations about the ‘DUMSOR’ situation in Ghana. He has threatened government that if they do not fix the situation in one week, he will organize a mammoth demonstration against them.