Lady whose Husband Cannot C*m Unless he Bites her All Over her Body Reveals How She’s Suffering in Her Marriage

A Ghanaian lady has revealed the amount of suffering she’s forced to endure in her marriage due to being married to a man who clearly has some sick and harmful s*xual fantasies.

In a letter to a relationship advisor, she spills all her secrets about her sadomasochistic husband, who only derives s*xual satisfaction from biting her all over her body.

According to her, these bites lead to sores on her body which she has to conceal, and it’s really affecting her life.

To make things worse, her husband hasn’t stopped his actions even though she’s told him how he hurts her, and anytime she tries denying him s*x so she doesn’t suffer, he simply withholds money from her.

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Read this sad lady pouring her heart out to Abena Magis below….

“Abena I’ve been asking myself for 6 years why I’m still with my husband. I married a virgin to a man who is beloved in church. Who is respected by everyone. A man people look up to but a man who has to bite me before he can get satisfied in bed. If I refuse him s*x it means no money when I need it most. I refused him s*x for 2 weeks. I was pregnant and my breasts were swollen. I finally did but when I needed money for hospital bills when I nearly miscarried at 5 months he told me no. Unless I swear an oath on a Bible that I won’t refuse him s*x. Even after giving birth he’ll still bite my breasts or hands or neck. I have to wear sweater for weeks until all the marks are gone. I go to work and I don’t want to go home.

Sister forget. I’ve had counseling. I’ve been through therapy. He’s also been through it and yet nothing changed. I’ve spoken to different people about it and he’s spoken to them too. If he hasn’t changed after all the sessions why should I believe in it again? Why should I be the one who has to suffer just to make sure my babies are taken care of. Why must I be the one to keep on complaining about my marriage when he says we have a perfect one? But when I pack I still unpack. I’ve bought poison before and kept it somewhere for months. After he hurts me I’ll go and look at it but never took the chance to die.

Abena the sad thing is that I know what to do. I know I can divorce him. Even if I don’t tell the truth why I still know what to say to free myself. I know how to slowly poison him till he dies and no one can trace it to me. I know how to drive and make sure he gets hit and he’ll dies. Even if he becomes paralyzed I’ll be free. I think of all these but I don’t do. I’m not happy living like this but I don’t understand why I’m still staying. I don’t think I like this but why am I still staying? I don’t know if I need help. I don’t know if I can get help. I’m just tired but want to talk. I’m tired of keeping silent.”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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