Nominating 8 Artistes For VGMA ‘Unsung Category’ Without Yaa Jackson Isn’t Fair, VGMA Should Come Again!

I am not a fun of Maame Yaa Jackson, the actress who has fast metamorphosed into an exciting Ghanaian singer. For the records, I am one of the writers in Ghana with the view that she was in the music industry by accident.

In fact, her utterances in the Ghanaian entertainment industry pisses me off, so when she released her ‘Tear Rubber’ song I unilaterally decided not to pay attention to it and give it any recognition. But as much as I tried, the ‘Tear Rubber’ fever caught up with me.

You can hate Yaa Jackson for whatever reason, but there is no credible and proper award scheme that seeks to reward talents and what they have done in a particular year, putting 2018 into perspective will name or nominate 8 budding and upcoming talent for VGMA Unsung Artiste Of The Year and leave Yaa Jackson out. For crying out loud, that is a travesty of justice.

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Among all the 8 young musicians in that VGMA Unsung category, there is no single person there who did anything extraordinary in 2018 that makes him or her better, comparatively to Yaa Jackson.

Her ‘Tear Rubber’ song, her social media and physical presence in the music industry is something mainstream musicians are even envious of.

VGMA should get serious or do they want us to start playing the regional and tribal cards?



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