VIDEO: The Idiocy Of Some Ghanaian Celebrities As Illiterate Kumawood Actor Big Akwes Verbally Abuses And Manhandles A Ghanaian Blogger At An Event

On several occasions, I have actually taken time of my busy schedule to wonder where most of our self-acclaimed and wannabe Ghanaian celebrities got their arrogance and pomposity behaviours from.

Many of our Ghanaian so-called celebrities acts as if they are gods who live in their own world, and for that reason, no one should have the guts to question them on whatever they do, the reason why at many times their careers die prematurely.

Illiterate Ghanaian Kumawood actor Big Akwes has done something useless that has got me fuming this early morning. This guy has taken the law into his own hands by verbally and physically attacking a Ghanaian blogger for questioning him on why he was late at an event.

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According to the narrative of the blogger, they were scheduled to have a meeting at a particular time, but Big Akwes, a typical Ghanaian celebrity came late, so he went to him to suggest that since he came late he should comport himself so that the meeting can take place in a civil way.

I do not see to it any reason why such a harmless statement will anger a man so much that he will seek to disgrace himself in public this way, cursing and insulting his fellow human like he is some sort of trash.



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