TUESDAY MOTIVATION- Rome Was Not Built In A Day; Great Things Take Time- Damilola

At points in our lives, we feel we have lacked out of life, that we lag behind in almost everything especially when we decide to play the comparison cards— we are sometimes way too hard on ourselves and at the same time too quick to see things happen in a wink.

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Actress and mother of one Damilola say it is okay to feel all that at certain times and it is essentially okay to know that things would eventually fall into place.

She wrote on IG;

“It’s imperative to set goals periodically, isn’t it? It’s also advised to try to achieve these goals at the desired times. But in reality, “life” happens and it may seem that we are making progress much slower than we expected. I felt like that this morning till I heard a little voice remind me that every move no matter how small, counts.”

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 “So I felt led to rearranging my room a little to let in some more sunlight (no this is not my room in the picture 😂) and I noticed a little birdy is building a nest right outside one of my windows! 😍 💃 Just thought to say this to someone. Rome was not built in a day. Great things take time to be created! ❤️.”


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