VIDEO: This Is So Wrong, Barbaric And Inhumane! Watch How This Police Officer Slapped A Suspect With His Duty Boot

Has Ghana become a jungle where only the strongest survive? Well, I don’t know what this suspect (young man) did but for a trained police officer to slap a suspect with his duty boot is so wrong, barbaric and inhumane!

In a video sighted on the Instagram page of Hiplife artiste and Politician, Kwame A-Plus, a police officer ─I mean a trained officer for whatever reason slapped a suspect with his duty boot.

Why can’t we allow the laws to work in this country? Or these trained Police officers are allowed to treat suspects anyhow? This is so bad and barbaric no matter the offence committed by this young man.

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Kwame A-Plus who is advocating for the arrest of this police officer posted the video on Instagram with the caption:

“VIEWER DISCRETION ADVICED!!! Did a trained police officer do this?
I’ve always argued that, Ghana police has well trained Professionals with good hearts and passion to serve the country. However there are some very bad ones who are tarnishing the reputation of the service. We must not use these few bad nuts to discredit the entire Police Service. The police themselves must identify these persons amongst them and deal with them drastically.

This is very bad!!! If the officer has not been arrested, he must be arrested now!!!”

Watch the video below and tell us if this is how suspects are supposed to be treated by police officers.






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