Ghana Being Ruled by Juveniles Who Would Rather Build Cathedrals than Fix Street Lights — CHRIS-VINCENT Writes on Deadly Kintampo Accident

Founding editor of your favourite celebrity blog GhanaCelebrities.Com, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, has slammed the government and people of Ghana in reaction to the news of the deadly accident which happened in Kintampo in the wee hours of today, March 22nd 2019.

According to Chris-Vincent, the accident simply highlights what a joke this country is, especially when our leaders are not fixing the real issues facing the country and the citizenry has no interest in holding them accountable.

As we reported earlier today, two buses collided between midnight and 1 am today in a village near Kintampo in the Bono East region. Over 70 people are said to be dead in the crash.

Writing on Facebook, Chris-Vincent slammed government for not fixing an immediate need such as the lack of street lights on major roads but instead wastes time and resources on a national cathedral.

Read Chris-Vincent’s post below…

“According to reports, more than 70 passengers on board two buses that collided head-on in the early hours of Friday March 22, 2019 on the Tamale-Kintampo Highway have all died.

A plan crashes killing 157, perhaps, once in a long time and swift efforts are made to ensure it does not happen again.

In Ghana, night road travel, which is popular is almost akin to a suicide mission—for the simple fact that the roads have no street lights, no proper markings and road signs.

At around 10pm last night, I was driving from a Prison visit from Cardiff to London and the M4, the longest of my journey, was so lit it was as if I was driving during the day.

In Ghana, no one cares and the drivers are somewhat stupid too—running top speed in the dark.

We say we have a government but common street lights and markings cannot be provided. It’s as if we are being ruled by juveniles who will build a cathedral than fix street lights even in the fact of these rampant deadly accidents.

You the citizens are also mad, I believe!

This is what we call a stupid death, caused by ourselves.

May their souls rest in peace.”

—Chris-Vincent Agyapong

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com



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