Did We Accept Religion Based on Oppression or Due Diligence? — A Response to Efia Odo by Rex Krampa

‘Did we accept a religion based on oppression or due diligence,’ Efia Odo asked as if to question every religious person.

Let me ask, did you accept your religion based on oppression or due diligence?

I once responded to an article claiming that people became Christians because they were physically oppressed. That’s wrong. People were rather oppressed physically because they became Christians. We can at least say spiritual oppression led people to Christianity. That granted, someone can accept a religion based on spiritual oppression.

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Faith in the person of Christ is reasonable; it’s no doubt William Lane Craig titled his bestseller Reasonable Faith. Paul was asked many times to provide reasons for the faith that was in him. He wrote to the Thessalonians that his appeal was without error! This was what led a skeptic like Vince Vitale to consider the person of Christ.

The argument from design, cosmology and morality are strong reasons for considering the existence of God. In addition, Christians claim that God raised Jesus from the dead— what we call a miracle.

The late Christopher Hitchens believes that miracles are a violation of the laws of nature. Professor John Lennox responding to his comment says, ‘God, who’s the creator of the laws of nature can feed new events into it.’ Most atheists believe that once science can explain this world, we no longer need God. That can only be true if God is just an explanation.

Efia’s question should be attempted by every religious sect. For me, I can only speak for the Christian.

Source: Rex Krampa / GhanaCelebrities.Com 


The author is a guest columnist for GhanaCelebrities.Com.


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