VIDEO: ‘4 Things Women Hate During S-x’ – Princess Shyngle Lectures

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Princess Shyngle has suddenly turned relationship and s*x expert ─dishing out daily doses of relationship and s*x advises to her Instagram followers.

Her latest video is about s*x on the topic, “4 things women hate during s*x” and according to the model with an hourglass figure, men mostly rush to penetrate after a few minutes of romance which is a turn off for women.

She revealed that women hate it when their partners give them reasons that they are only interested in s*x and nothing else, for instance rushing your partner to s**k your d** is a total turn off for women.

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According to Princess Shyngle, women should be allowed to s**k the d** willingly without being forced to do so because the whole act is a process and as a man, you have to have the patience for “things to flow”.

For the rest, we cannot describe with words but just take a few minutes and watch the video of Princess Shyngle’s s*x lecture below.



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