VIDEO: Grown-A*s Nayas And Big Breasted Pamela Show Their Twerking Skills With Stonebwoy’s ‘Mane Me’ Song

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Grown-a*s Nayas and big breasted Pamela Odame Watara aka “professional liar” after disgracefully engaging in a fight just to hype a yet-to-be-premiered movie have exhibited their twerking skills on Instagram ─once again, to be in the news.

The standards in the Ghanaian entertainment industry have been lowered to the extent that anybody at all can get up, do extremely stupid things and the next minute, he/she is in the news and all over social media.

This is the case of grown-a*s Nayas and Pamela Odame Watara ─these two in a video have exhibited their twerking skills with Stonebwoy’s ‘Mane Me’ song for the usual social media trends.

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In the video, these two were seen twerking hard their butts for the cameras and one thing is clear, Nayas and Pamela Odame have a lot of things in common!

Watch the twerking video of Nayas and Pamela Odame below.



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