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A Happy Ending: The Over Turning of the Visa Refusal of the West African Manager of A Multinational Company Based in Ghana By UK VISAS

blankThis is a very special case: one that I am proud that I have been able to deliver an exciting news to a client who had no hope at the beginning and has now become extensively confident in my legal prowess.

This client, the West African manager of a multi-national company based in Ghana applied for a UK visitor’s visa to visit the UK for about 10 days, and shocking to him, he was refused.

This is a man who has visited several European countries and was recently in the Netherlands.

Somehow, he found my details online and contacted me. After examining his refusal notice and the supporting documents, it was apparent that the refusal decision was unreasonable—one that fails to properly consider the relevant evidence he presented.

So, I told him we can challenged the refusal through a very complex and somewhat expensive JR process.

I made strong legal representations to the Home Office in a Letter Before Claim, hoping that they will reconsider their decision at this initial stage, but the Home Office completely ignored the representation. A reminder was sent, and yet they still ignored me. The Home Office does this a lot.

With no other choice available, I filed for Permission to bring JR at the Upper Tribunal of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber in London against the Home Office—on the back of very solid and persuasive grounds.

Within 21 days of making the filing, the Home Office responded with an acknowledge of service—and a consent order, that they will reconsider my client’s refusal within 3 months and pay all his reasonable legal costs incurred so far if I withdraw the litigation from the Tribunal.

That was exciting news. Even at this stage, the client was still in doubt that he was going to be granted the visa. It had been a long expensive process. But at least, the Home Office had agreed to pay the expenses incurred.

Yesterday, the client excitedly called me that he has received an E-mail (attached) from the Home Office, that they have over-turned his refusal and he should bring his passport for the visa.blank

This is after about 3 months of legal push, at Adukus Solicitors, on his behalf.

The happy ending is that, he says he will come to London for a few days and we can fly off to chill in Amsterdam.

Within the 3 months, we’ve become friends—and his company has even purchased banner adverts on a website I write for.

If you have recently been refused a UK visitor’s visa and you believe the refusal is unreasonable, contact me (Vincent) at Adukus Solicitors on +447837576037 (Whatsapp/Direct Call). We may be able to over turn your refusal for you if deemed unreasonable.

Alternatively, E-mail: [email protected]

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