Banning Telenovelas is the Only way to Save the Local Movie Industry — Ivan Quashigah

Veteran movie producer Ivan Quashigah, known for bringing Ghanaians beloved telenovelas such as ‘Things We Do for Love’ and ‘YOLO‘, has revealed what he believes would be the panacea to all the problems facing the movie industry.

According to Quashigah, cheaply available foreign telenovelas are the main cause of the decline in the Ghanaian industry and the way forward is for the government to place a ban on them.

Speaking with ZionFelix, Quashigah said those foreign shows such as Kumkum Bhagya and the Mexican soaps which have already aired in their own countries are available for cheap prices on reruns, thus making it easier for Ghanaian tv stations to purchase them rather than purchase a new local production which is going to cost much more.

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“They are buying Mexican soaps because those Mexican soaps are produced at high standards, they spend a lot of money to produce them and those soaps have done their circuits in Latin America, so right now they are selling them one episode for like $400 $200 $300 and you can go and buy plenty,” he said.

“Which Ghanaian series can you buy for 100, 200 or $400? You can’t, so it means that it will favour only the foreign ones which are cheaper and it’s the same story everywhere, when you go to the textiles industry it’s the same”.

Quashigah said since the local stations would continue patronizing the cheap foreign soaps, it’s up to the government to place a ban on them, forcing the stations to buy local productions.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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