Xandy KameI Admits her ‘Ashawobrity’ Lifestyle Makes it Difficult for Her to Consider Dating a Pastor — VIDEO

Considering the sort of antics Xandy Kamel throws up on social media, it’s hard to see any self-respecting man of God choosing her as his ‘Osofo Maame’. Not to say that pastors are so ‘innocent’ but they know enough at least to maintain a public facade of righteousness.

Xandy, at least being honest to herself, has revealed that she cannot see herself settling down with a man of God.

In an interview on Adom Fm’s ‘Work and Happiness’, Xandy was asked if she would be able to date a pastor, to which she replied in the negative.

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According to her, dating a man of God would make her uncomfortable because she would be forced to live a fake life of being a holy church girl.

Xandy said “she doesn’t want to associate herself with a man of God”, adding that “I cannot live a fake life. I am not saying pastors’ wives are fake but I can’t associate myself with someone I am not comfortable with.”

After taking off her ‘pioto’ on live tv, it’s clear Xandy and pastors are not exactly compatible partners.

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