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Are Ghanaian Men Broke, Stingy And Opportunists? – Ghanaian Women Share Their Relationship Experiences

Are Ghanaian men stingy and opportunists? Well, some Ghanaian women have shared their embarrassing relationship experiences with some Ghanaian men with the Founding Editor of, Chris-Vincent Agyapong and one thing is clear, some Ghanaian men are the reason why the majority of Ghanaian women aren’t interested in relationships anymore.

Chris-Vincent Agyapong in a Facebook post wrote;

“As a man, I find it embarrassing, perhaps even stupid when I hear how other men take women they meet in life for granted—and plainly humiliate them in the name of a relationship.

Being in a relationship is not cheap and dating can be expensive. Many years ago, love was said to be a voyage for the brave. But today, it’s an expedition for the deep pocket and those who will bend to make others happy—selfless folks.

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Last week, I heard shocking tales from Ghanaian women, who have had to deal with some awkward moments with men during their relationships or dating phase.

Akosua told me that, more than 5 times, a guy she was seeing always told her he left his wallet at home—after they have gone out to a restaurant to eat and it was time for the bill to be paid.

Stella also told me about how a guy who said he was interested in her and asked her out for a dinner at the Accra Mall, ended up moving her from one restaurant to another, a total of 6—because anytime they sat down and they brought the menu, he would say this place is expensive. How can they be selling just chicken for 28 GHS?

Eventually, Stella ended up paying for the food—and the man even packed his leftover to take home.

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Abena, a Facebook friend, told me about how a guy he was talking to, asked her for 10,000 GHS to help rent a new place—because his landlord was kicking him out, just after 3 weeks of meeting each other. And when she refused, the guy called her names claiming that she is not ready for love and she will forever be single for being stingy.

Rebecca also said, almost all her Ghanaian ex-boyfriends owe her money. They borrow and never pay back. And same men do not open their hands to give anything too.

Tracy was furious because hers was fairly recent. She said she recently broke up with her boyfriend of 2 years who owes her over 30,000 GHS because he wanted more loan and she could not give it out as she has started a small investment.

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And that when she wouldn’t sell a plot of land she purchased before meeting this guy after he suggested she sells it to raise the money for him, the guy turned cold towards her.

What has been some of your embarrassing dating or relationship experiences? Share with me here or via my Facebook inbox”.




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