CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Patapaa is Not Wholly Useless—At Least He Can Smoke Over 80 Euros of Weed in 4 Days


Patapaa Amisty, a zany Ghanaian musician took his circus of clowns, including his manager and his alter-ego on a debut Europe tour—which saw him perform to a crowd of 11 in Oslo, Norway. The 11 people included the organisers of the event, his friend and his manager.

An advertised performance in Italy was cancelled, because less than a dozen people shown interest in seeing Patapaa mount the stage, to jump around like a kangaroo on LSD to his dysfunctional song-One Corner, which became a hit about a year ago because of the ridiculousness of it.

It’s difficult to understand why Patapaa cannot distinguish between genuine admiration for his craft and the hovering sense of pity and laughter that draw music lovers to his slothful persona.

Dude is a joke, but he thinks otherwise–and I love him for that.

While his Europe Tour was a complete disaster and amounts to wilfully causing financial loss to the organisers, it brought to light that if Ghana needs a candidate for a global weed smoking tournament, Patapaa, should represent the nation.

On the back of the huge debt Patapaa left the organisers of his Europe Tour in, his weed smoking bill alone has been described as insanely astronomical, by a source close to the organisers.

When advertised events were being cancelled and less than 12 people were turning up for shows that cost over 500 Euros to stage, Patapaa was smoking over 80 Euros of weed in just 4 days, GhanaCelebrities.Com has been told.

The numbers do not add up. The organisers and the promoters were at a point frustrated with how much they were spending on buying weed for Patapaa, who at best was performing to a crowd of 11—and at worst, sleeping while high because a show has been cancelled, the source added.

A lot of Ghanaian artists come to Europe on tour and some of them do smoke a lot. But Patapaa has a peculiar exigency for weed and “I have not seen any artist smoking that much of weed as Patapaa”, the source stated.

After all the expensive weed smoking and performing to empty chairs, Patapaa is said to have flipped when they got to the Kotoka International Airport and he was told the whole tour has been a fiasco in terms of earnings—therefore he was not going to take home any substantial amount.

Considering the number of people who attended his concerts, it’s apparent that Patapaa spent almost his entire profit on weed yet he didn’t know that. He has since been pissed with the organisers.

Perhaps, any event organiser looking to take Patapezzy on a tour should allocate a huge budget to the provision of weed—and they cannot deduct that from his earnings.

If you think Patapaa is wholly useless, note that he is excellent at something and that’s ganja smoking. He’s probably even better at it, than Kwabena Kwabena.


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