Marriage Built On Love Alone Cannot Stand The Test Of Time- Nigerian Pastor

It is an already established fact that no relationship can thrive on love alone. A lot more than the word and its action goes into a relationship.

Mostly, it takes two people who are ready to commit, appreciate each other’s similarities, respect the differences and are willing to look beyond all imperfection to make any relationship.

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When it comes to marriage, it is a long road home and comes with its own burden. For anyone to live even a year in a marriage is no joke at all, so when the count is about 30 years, that said person is worth listening to. Pastor Tony Rapu, Senior Pastor of the House of Freedom in Lagos has spoken on marriages and how one could make it work.

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“The problem with puppy love. Most couples who get married do it because they are ‘in love’ and they usually believe that the feelings that brought them together will last forever and will keep them together forever. The problem with this is that we cannot rely on feelings.

“Feelings can change depending on so many external factors and they often do. If your marriage is based on feelings, what then happens when the feelings begin to fade as they inevitably will? The marriage has nothing to stand on. If the only reason you got married was that you were ‘in love’ then you have no reason to stay married when the feelings are no longer there.

“Being ‘in love’ is a great thing. Marrying without some form of emotional attachment would be sad, really. But being ‘in love’ is about the chemistry, the romance and the excitement. It’s about pounding hearts and a constant desire to want to see the person all the time.”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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