Strongman Throws A Big Subtle Jab At Sarkodie After Leaving His SarkCess Music Label?

The young rapper, Strongman Burner, after two years at Sarkodie’s SarkCess Music has finally left and one of his tweets has been tagged as a big subtle jab directed at Sarkodie ─ probably for not renewing his contract or not giving him the opportunity to tap into his shine.

Strongman Burner on April 9, 2019, tweeted, “Most good footballers turn to be bad coaches Don’t be deceived” ─ a tweet most music lovers and critics have labelled as a jab to his former boss, Sarkodie.

Social media folks after reading meanings into Strongman’s tweet have concluded that it’s a proverbial jab directed at Sarkodie since he [Strongman] never shined under Sarkodie’s SarkCess Music label for good 2 years.

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Opinions and comments monitored by on social media, Strongman’s subtly wants to tell Sarkodie that even though he is a good rapper but definitely not a good manager.

Others are also of the view that Sarkodie saw Strongman as a big threat hence his unwillingness to give him the avenues to shine like himself.

strongman's tweet




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