PHOTOS: Becca And Diamond Appiah In A Bleaching Competition?

Bleaching queens (Diamond Appiah & Becca)

To the women who are into bleaching, they deceive themselves and call it skin toning but to us the brutally honest folks, who say it as it is ─ it’s called bleaching, the act of making one’s skin colour lighter using bleaching creams.

Songstress Becca has excessively bleached her skin and from the look of things she seems to be in a tight competition with Diamond Appiah aka ‘Ghana’s Bleaching Ambassador’ ─ a closer and critical look at their current photos suggest so.

Becca, the once dark and proud African woman has now turned white in complexion and she is proud of it too ─ looking at how she flaunts herself on her Instagram Stories.

Truth to be told, Becca isn’t the old Becca we used to know ─ she has now transformed from dark to white and anyone who has no idea of how she looked like in the past will be deceived in thinking that it’s her natural complexion.

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Diamond Appiah, on the other hand, is leaving no stone unturned as she is busily maintaining her bleached skin to avoid facial wrinkles as a result of her excessive bleaching over the years.

Take a look at the current photos of Becca and Diamond Appiah below and decided who deserves to be crowned as ‘Bleaching Queen’.

diamond appiah




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