Screaming God’s Name During S*x Would Give you Free Passage to Heaven — Maurice Ampaw

The absurdity inherent in religion has been completely on display in the recent claims by two very prominent, if clownish Ghanaians, on their thoughts of how God views screaming during s*x.

On the one hand, s*x is the most natural function of biological specimens and God says people should be fruitful and multiply, but on the other hand religion has made it seem like the dirtiest thing to be avoided until marriage, so it’s not clear whether he (God) wants people to acknowledge him when having it or not.

Recently, Prophet Kumchacha said God is not fond of his name being screamed during s*x and therefore anyone who does so is headed straight to hell. 

“Whether you are making the love with your husband or your boyfriend, once you scream the name of Jesus Christ while in the act there is no way you will not go to hell,” he said on UTV.

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However, Maurice Ampaw, another clownish public figure, says God actually sees things the other way. He said God has instructed that in all things we do we should give thanks to him and therefore one can thank God during s*x by screaming his name.

“I disagree with Kumchacha because God has advised us to call unto him in everything we do.” Ampaw said.

“God is interested in the affairs of men and irrespective of the circumstance the woman mentions the name of God, she must be granted free passage to heaven,” he added.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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