Ghanaian Young Man Posts His Suicide Note On Facebook

Suicide is real and whether someone jokingly or seriously posts a suicide note on social media should be reached out to and save the situation and this is the case of a Ghanaian young man with Facebook username Young Love.

Young Love out of joke or what’s best known to him has posted his suicide note in a Facebook group called “Crazy Yard” ─ and this has raised the eyebrows of the group members.

They are trying all their best to reach out to him even though some think he is joking about his suicide note because who posts his or her suicide note on social media if he or she truly wants to die?

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Young Love’s supposed suicide note reads, “Suicide is the only option. Goodbye people see you in next life”. If his suicide note isn’t one of those social media jokes for ‘likes and comments’ then people need to reach out to this young man.

Young Love may be joking as some have said but what if he is serious about it?

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