VIDEO: Tracey Boakye Goes ‘Mad’; Talks Gibberish Without Saying What The Hell Is Wrong With Her Damn Head

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Kumawood actress, Tracey Boakye has gone ‘mad’ on social media over nothing because, in the video posted on Instagram, she said nothing meaningful ─ she was just spewing garbage.

She was heard warning some people she couldn’t mention to stop giving credit to politicians for the things she has been able to accomplish in life.

We are tempted to tag the big breasted actress a coward since she couldn’t mention names of those crediting politicians for her properties ─ this is what I call ranting in vain on social media ─ apparently, for ‘likes and comments’ and also to get the attention of Ghanaians.

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It makes no sense to throw shades on social media without mentioning names ─ that’s what cowards do.

Watch the video below, perhaps you’ll understand the gibberish she said.


Samuel-Clement, Senior Staff Writer
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